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PantherMedia is always looking out for new and extraordinary photos. Besides being creative, handling the technical equipement and hunting the perfect motive, there is one thing that is limited to all of us: time! Now we have developed a new upload and adminstrative system to save that most valuable ressource!

The PantherMedia contributor portal is now the fourth portal in our family next to our stock agency, the photo community and the blog. All sales relevant functions are bundled on this new platform. From upload to payout, you can find everything here that is important when selling photos online. 


See what's on the new portal:

All sales-relevant functions on one platform, from upload to payout!
Upload and submit multiple images at the same time using our new batch processing!
FTP or web-upload!
IPTC-import via web- and FTP-upload!
Easy model- and propertyrelease administration. Define your favorites for quicker submission!
New image overview with up to 100 images in three optional sizes!
Search and filter for easier portfolio administration!
Presets for quicker submission !
Few mandatory fields!
Tested on all major browsers and operating systems!


Lee Torrens, owner of "PantherMedia's new submission process is super-quick and well structured. It's exactly what serious microstock contributors need to minimize their distribution costs. It's now among the best in the industry."

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Tyler Olsen, owner of the "The new tool looks great and makes processing and submitting your images very speedy. Their batch edit function is a very welcomed (and essential) feature."

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Yuri Arcurs, world's top-selling microstock photographer: "Good job Panthers! Excellent new features, fresh design and highly user-friendly. I especially like the filters option."

Sean Prior, top photographer and owner of wavebreakmedia:  "The new PantherMedia contributor portal is really quick and easy to use. The selection process is really fast as you can batch a select number of items at the same time, making batch submissions very manageable. The interface is quick and easy for anyone to learn. We are saving a huge amount of time in submitting which allows us to get out and shoot more".

Robert Kneschke, author of "stockphotography": "The submission of new images, especially series of images, is very fast and intuitive".

This is how it works:

Generally, there are two ways to upload images to PantherMedia:

  • Web-upload: upload up to 5 images in one go.
  • FTP-upload: upload an infinite number of images with your FTP client. Please keep in mind that your upload is limited if your rejection rate is higher than 40%.

Quick & easy: web-upload of single images

  • Step 1: Choose "upload images" in the image administration menue and click on the tab "web-upload"
  • Step 2: Choose your image from your harddrive that you want to upload. Repeat this step for up to 5 images. Then, click on "upload"
  • Step 3: After the successful upload, go to the "My images" section in the image administration menu.
  • Step 4: Click on the image that you want to submit. Just below the image, you can see the metadata fields with all mandatory metadata and below the optional metadata. Please fill in all mandatory information and click on "save" at the end of the page. If all mandatory information is filled in correctly, there will be a yellow traffic lights on that image. That means, the image is already forwarded to our image reviewers for image review. Repeat this step for all images. 
  • Done: Now you only have to wait until our image reviewers have checked your image. After we have reviewed your image, you can see a green, red or redgreen traffic lights. This may take between 3 and 20 working days. 

Noch schneller & massig: Der Serien-Upload im Batch Modus

  • Step 1: Choose "upload images" in the image administration menue and click on the tab "ftp-upload"
  • Step 2: Initially, you can activate your FTP account and get your account info here. You can now start to upload all your images to your account with your FTP client.
  • Step 3: In the tab "ftp-upload", you can see all uploaded images. Please click on "check all" or select individual files. Click on "read files" to import the images into the "my images" section. This may take some minutes per image. If you have uploaded hundreds of images, it may take some time. This is a good time for a coffee break. 
  • Step 4: Now you can change to the "my images" section.


If you work in the batch mode (multiple images at the same tiem),you need to know the following:

  • There is always one source image and one or many target images.
  • The source image is always the first image that you click. It is displayed as the first image in the orange box at the right hand side. It is marked with a white border.
  • Select multiple target images by checking the check box under the respective images. These target images will be tagged with the selected metadata of the source image.
  • All selected metadata from the source image is applied to all selected target images. If the source image does not carry any metadata, you can enter it and it will be applied to all other target images. However, the principle remains the same: All metadata from the source image is applied to the target images. This principle is important to know if you batch process the images.

  • Step 5: Please select the source image and target images that you want to edit. 
  • Step 6: If you now edit the metadata, the system checks the respective metadata field with a green check mark. You can also manually check the metadata that you want to apply to the target images. If you have entered all relevant information, please click on "Save selected fields for all x images". 
  • Done: The images are now marked with a yellow traffic lights.

Tips for faster submission:

  • Editing: Start with editing those metadata fields that you want to share with only few images. Then go on to the fields that you want to share with many images. This way, you save a lot of time. Example: You have a series of 6 images, two of them with models. First, select the two images with the models and attach the model release. Then, select all images and apply the image rights to all images. 
  • Filter & search: You can use the search function and filters in the left side of your "My images" section, e.g. filter all "incomplete" images to start working on the submission.
  • Display: You can view up to 100 images on one page. Choose out of three different thumbnail options.
  • Modelrelease-administration: If you edit modelreleases, you can save modelreleases as "favorites". All "favorites" are displayed at the very beginning of your modelrelease selection box and saves you the hassle and time to scroll down hundres od modelreleases to find the latest and actual one.   
  • Batch editing: In the orange box on the right hand side of the screen, you can choose some functions that will be applied to all selected images: deselect images, delete all selected images or import the first 8 keywords into the field "main keywords". 
  • IMPORTANT: Please only import the first 8 keywords into the main keyword field, if you sorted the keywords of the image by relevance, and not alphabetically. Otherwise irrelevant keywords are imported as main keywords and we have to reject the images. 

What else changes:

  • All sales relevant information is now bundled in one portal. Image administration and accounting is now handled via the contributor portal and not via the photo community anymore. 
  • All images with model- and property releases remain in the portfolio as they are.
  • Adjusting the modelreleases: The only extra work for you will be the tagging of the model releases with age, gender and ethnicity. Before you can attach a new or existing model release to an image, you must fill out this mandatory information. Do not worry, it takes less than a minute per model release, but it will help our extended search big time.  
  • Upload-limit: Currently, the upload limit is activated if the rejection rate is higher than 40%. If 4 out of 10 images are rejected, your upload is limited to 2 images a day. 


Question: How can I submit images to the reviewers?
Answer: This works automatically, once you have filled out all mandatory information. If you can see the yellow traffic lights on that image, it is forwarded to our reviewers. 

Question: Why can't I edit an image with yellow traffic lights? It usually works.
Answer: The image is just now reviewed by one of our reviewers. Only after we have reviewed the image, you can edit the image again.

Question: I am new to PantherMedia. Why can I only upload 20 images?
Answer: As a new photographer, you can only upload 20 images. Only after we have reviewed your first 20 images, you can start to upload more images. 

Question: I have uploaded images via FTP. Now the system tells me it takes 3 hours until I can import images from my FTP into the "my images" section?
Answer: We have limited the import into the "my images" section based on the current upload-rate to guarantee a minimum performance for all users (XX images per second). Once the upload rate is on a normal level, the system works fast again.

Question: Why can't I edit resubmitted images?
Answer: Currently, this function is developed for the new version of the system. Until then, please upload the image again (new upload) and transfer the metadata from the old image to the new iamge with the batch function. You can then delete the old image.