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PantherMedia Media Management Software

Do these problems sound familiar?

  • It takes ages to find an image bought or created by a colleague?
  • Can’t easily find images used in a customer's brochure or project 2 years ago?
  • Lost images in a hard drive crash?
  • Can’t easily find all the versions of an original artwork and all the drafts where it was used?
  • HELP, I cannot keep up with the vast numbers of microstock images in my company...

If one or more these problems really sound familiar, then you are ready for our Media Management Software...

We have just the right solution for you: Online Media Management

We have teamed up the Pixamba to offer you the brand new PantherMedia Online Media Management. With this powerful tool, you can instantly find any image that you have bought anywhere or produced by yourself, catalog different kinds of media, track licenses (including rights managed) and versions (usage history or the image). The software is ideal for cross-company collaboration, e.g. with clients, designers, art directors. Anywhere and anytime in the world. 

Find out for yourself

Key functions

  • Centralized digital media storage and management accessible from anywhere
  • Advanced fast search functionality
  • Integrated search in customer's archive and in stock agencies like PantherMedia
  • Automated ‘Buy & Stock’ feature and original metadata retention
  • Advanced version control
  • Automated indexing
  • Media-rights tracking for maximum ROI
  • User friendly and intuitive interaction
  • Fast image uploads and media indexing
  • Accepts virtually any digital asset, most images formats supported
  • Media cataloging by folders, light boxes, companies and categories

>> See the product demo video at Pixamba

>> See screenshots and functions

 Your benefits

  • Save time searching for images
  • Access media from anywhere, anytime
  • Encourage teamwork, synch remote teams
  • Share drafts with clients and get approvals
  • Streamline image purchasing and save images with their metadata
  • Avoid legal issues, keep track on licenses and rights
  • Instantly find media variations
  • Access media securely
  • No download & installation required, works with a web browser
  • Save IT personnel, hardware & data center costs
  • Reduce hardware & software failure risks

Special Promo offer

Exclusively for PantherMedia customers, you can register and test the new service free for 30 days with any plan and also get the full refund for your first payment if you decide to keep using it. The subscriptions plans start as low as $4,99 per month! Sign-up now and test this service for free.