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News from the PantherMedia-Team

Important news and announcements from PantherMedia

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03.05.2019 11:45 o'clock


Users help Users

There are no silly questions, but silly answers! Here you can ask all your questions you may have regarding PantherMedia: other users will give you assistance to the subjects upload, technology, rating system, etc.

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Last posting:
20.05.2019 13:34 o'clock

All about photography

Legal issues

If you have information about legal issues, please post them here. PantherMedia also offers important legal information about photography.

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Last posting:
12.09.2019 21:00 o'clock

Analogue photography

Discuss everything about analogue photography. Exchange tips & tricks, give advice or ask other photographers.

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16.04.2013 21:43 o'clock

Digital photography

Discuss everything about digital photography. Exchange tips & tricks, give advice or ask other photographers.

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05.05.2018 13:13 o'clock

Camera equipment and accessories

Discuss the latest cameras, lenses, flash lights, as well as all other studio and photo equipment.

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03.05.2019 14:06 o'clock

Photo editing software & other software

Discuss photo editing software, give and receive advice on different software programmes and introduce new software programmes.

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09.05.2019 17:26 o'clock


Recommend any good books related to photography, or ask other photographers about their opinion on magazines, books and other literature

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02.08.2017 13:51 o'clock


Exchange or introduce any interesting locations for shootings, including studios, offices and other locations for rent.

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Last posting:
17.09.2016 17:45 o'clock


Search for models for your shootings, campaigns and advertising material. If you are a model and are looking for some intersting shootings, please introduce yourself. Good luck.

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Last posting:
31.01.2014 03:26 o'clock

Members' talk

Photographer's get-together

Organise your workshop, photo-tour, regular's table or any other event in your city or country.

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16.08.2017 07:00 o'clock

Photographers introduce themselves

You are new to PantherMedia and want to get in touch with other photographers? In this category you can find like-minded people with interest in photography.

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Last posting:
09.08.2017 17:03 o'clock


Buy, sell & rent equipment or photography related services, search for models, etc.

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03.01.2016 23:55 o'clock

Member's talk

Talk to other photographers and post everything that does not fit any other category.

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07.07.2019 11:51 o'clock

Image talk

You want to ask other photographers why an image may has been rejected? You are open to fair and severe criticism? This is the place to pose your question!

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Last posting:
08.10.2016 16:14 o'clock


A photographer is sitting at a restruant looking at his photos when the chef comes over and says "What excellent photos! you must have a great camera". The pissed off photographer looks at his food and says "excellent meal, you must have some great pots and pans".

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19.12.2017 00:07 o'clock